Hop or trop! Sáblíková stays in the game of Rio in the World Cup just for time

Richmond’s direction was taken today by Martina Sáblíková, who will strive to get a dream position at the summer Olympics in Rio in the country of the World Cycling Championship in the east of the USA. Eventually, only in the time (22 September), he does not want to go into the risk of a mass-start road race.She admitted, however, that even the profile of a thirty-kilometer timer did not like her too much.

A chronometer fight will take place mainly on the plane and will require a lot of technique. “When I looked at the track in detail, it was not very good, because the technical passages will be very large,” Sáblíková said at today’s press conference in Prague.

“It’s a plane, but I’ve been practicing the plane now for the last month, so I’m not surprised. The technical passage will be very difficult for me, so I’m looking forward to René Andrle and show me how to get there.We will do the maximum, “said the three-time Olympic winner in the fast-track co-operation with a former road professional.

As far as the road race is concerned, it is decided that it will not be. There’s also a lot of bends and that’s not a bundle for me, I’m not going to take the risk. Every effort goes into a time trial. Hop or trop, “said Sáblíková.

He admits that at the age of 28 Rio de Janeiro is probably the last chance to taste the atmosphere of the summer games as well.” I think so. And I take it so I got the chance. Either I will miss it or not. Life goes on, it’s just a sport.I’m going to live my life further, “said Sáblíková.

But it is not even black-and-white.” Sochi at the Winter Olympics was a bit worse, but for now I only slept for three and a half hours She woke up if I had everything. So even though I try to suppress it, it does not matter to me, of course. The brain takes it differently, “Sáblíková admitted.

However, he can have a clear conscience in front of him, with coach Petr Novák accomplishing the goal of qualifying for the Olympic Games.That’s why they took the overseas course on the Amsterdam-New York-Richmond axis in such advance.

“Because the time starts at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, eight I know about those time shifts…I have to race at eight o’clock in the evening, but it does not work here either, “Sáblíková explained early in the championship.

Acclimatization will be an important factor, but in Richmond, train. “It does not change.But I’m thinking about the seventh or tenth day of the crisis so she’s been blessed and did not meet me during the world championship, “added Sáblíková. While in the past she went to the world championship after having her legs 2500 to 3000 Miles this year, this is double. “It’s a bit different. It may be half a kilometer from time to time. I hope she will know. We tried to work on it, “said Sáblíková.

She believes that the optimal form will come at the right time.” I felt terribly tired for the last week, because in Livigno we really went to the time table and went I’m daily 30 kilometers a day, sometimes twice a day.It was very challenging, but I hope that the form will succeed in timing the race, “Sáblíková said.

” If the ten reduced order were released, it would be super cool. The main goal is to qualify for Rio. If anything else happened, it would be over the plan, but do not pretend “she did not want to be too optimistic about Sáblíková. But she admitted that the feelings are a little different compared to speed skating.” No, But I’ve done something right there. On the other hand, it’s good that I have a place to go back – sport number one is still a speed skirmish.But when I go there and it will not go away, of course I will be disappointed, I could say nothing else, “Sáblíková concluded.