He imagined that he was fighting against the power. Thus Vakoč won the next round

Cyclist Petr Vakoč continues to collect significant achievements. After becoming the champion of the republic, he succeeded in the European Games and dominated the prestigious Czech Cycling Tour, with the 23-year-old racer becoming the winner of the Tour of Britain stage. He was able to do it after a long leak when he showed his strong legs and a lot of imagination.

There are some cyclists, like Mark Cavendish, who are planning to take a better action this autumn for better action than the famous Vuelta this fall. On Friday, Peter Vakoč was able to shine on British roads.

The young man from the Etixx-QuickStep stable will be in the 2nd.He stepped away from the group leader less than 20 kilometers in front of the target, at a time when the group had only 19 seconds to reach the peloton, and withstood the target band.

“The peloton seemed to swallow us, so I am It took me and I went forward myself, “Vakoč explained, where his idea was born. Similarly, he did last year in Poland, where he alone managed the last even 25 kilometers.

In Britain, he confessed that he had to encourage himself before the target by a variety of means. “I knew from the track profile that the downhill would be uphill, but I did not know how much. Finish was very heavy. Normally I like such finishes.In this case, I imagined a massive spurt for the last two hundred yards, I took over what was going on and I hoped no one would get me, “the winner said with a smile. The first pursuers arrived at the finish seven seconds…

Result Vakoč ranked among the biggest in his professional career. In the jersey for the leading runner of the running order, he will be the third time in his life, he managed it last year in Poland and this year in the Czech Cycling Tour.

“It is very motivating. We will do everything we can to defend the jersey.The next few stages are more flat, we will see if there is an opportunity for Cavendish, “Vakoč considered. “It’s still six stages, it’s a lot. It is practically impossible to defeat the rest of the race defensively and just to defend the first place, we will have to sit down and figure out how to do it. Even with such a strong team as we have, it is impossible to control the race from the first to the last stage, “he added.