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Hop or trop! Sáblíková stays in the game of Rio in the World Cup just for time

Richmond’s direction was taken today by Martina Sáblíková, who will strive to get a dream position at the summer Olympics in Rio in the country of the World Cycling Championship in the east of the USA. Eventually, only in the

Tom Dumoulin, the new leader at Vuelta, leads thanks to the victory in time

The Dutch cyclist Tom Dumoulin confirmed Vuelta’s role as the biggest favorite in today’s time, and thanks to the victory in the 17th stage, he was in the lead. His lead over Fabio Aru from Italy is only three seconds.

Race klättrare kan välja försökstiden. Dumoulin favorit

spanska Vuelta cykling, alla branta backar och elva utmanande bergs steg i programmet, kan okaraktäristiskt bestämma time trial på plan. I början av det tredje loppet blockera det i dag åkare passera i Burgos favorit är Tom Dumoulin, attackera totalsegern

He imagined that he was fighting against the power. Thus Vakoč won the next round

Cyclist Petr Vakoč continues to collect significant achievements. After becoming the champion of the republic, he succeeded in the European Games and dominated the prestigious Czech Cycling Tour, with the 23-year-old racer becoming the winner of the Tour of Britain

Change on the head of Vuelta. Rodriguez defeats Arua and sees for a second

Spanish cyclist Joaquim Rodríguez has become the new leader of Vuelta after the busy 16th stage with seven top prizes. Katharina’s team defeated Fabia Arua from Italy’s final crash and only a second away from a red jersey. After 184

Frolík already hit the fourth time in NHL Farmer scored for the second time in a row

SUMMARY | In his fourth goal of the season in a match with Calgary Ottawa he presented the Czech striker Michael Frolík that helped clear victory 5: 2nd The second record in the second match in a row again scored

Projektowanie pokoju dla potomstwa – wybór mebli

Własnie takie produkty kupisz w tym sklepie – butelki dla dzieci   Pokój dla dziecka wymaga niezmiernie wielu starań aby był ładny oraz współczesny. Jego aranżacja musi być spójna ze sobą oraz wszelkie detale muszą być dobrane tak aby dziecko

“I’m really not a person into basketball.

As it driven out and about, Jurgen Klopp help to make the suitable decision by means of compelling the Armenian playmaker. Mkhitaryan ended up being uncovered directly, but right now Thomas Tuchel, perhaps, thoroughly pleased with this particular transport. On

He or she decided to check out Malaysia at the little

He / she thought i would go to Malaysia for a small era, declining to stay in the rent throughout “Illichivets” – the definite farm club “Shakhtar”, that vanished many talent that isn’t inside the framework of the Donetsk group.

6 players in the First Category effectively turned for the Bundesliga

Against Dolgopolov legal circumstances when regards 4 posts 111 with the legal signal connected with Russian Federation “chat lead to involving driving wound for you to health, entailed on imprudence casualty on the target”. For few months Vladimir went to